Hollister Jobs – Positions Available

Types Of Positions Available At Hollister:


Hollister Co and the affiliated brands employee a wide variety of roles designed to maximize awareness of the brand and the style represented within. Each position is set in a framework that will get the most out of product exposure, from meticulously designed visual displays, to live models showcasing the fit and feel of the clothes offered.

Most entry level positions begin at or around the minimum wage pay grade and can expect to work a few shifts per week during the training process to familiarize new hires through on the job training. Hollister looks for team members that represent the style that Hollister embodies. Being in the Hollister family means you will enjoy flexible scheduling and career advancement opportunities.

A Hollister location typically employs individuals as brand representatives, cashiers, floor models, and impact employees. Each position symbolizes the brand and stands out as living proof of first-rate fashion and customer service. Check out the HollisterĀ application information now to see where you fit in.

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Hollister Job Opportunities:

A position at Hollister means you have been selected by one of the top trending fashion stores world-wide. Hollister selects both part-time and full-time employees based on need and season. Each position may have different work schedules to accommodate certain peak times to take full advantage of foot traffic and exposure. Floor models may be asked to work during peak times so customers can see the look in action. Brand representatives are the customer service agents that assist on the sales floor and make certain that each person receives attention and excellent customer service.

Benefits at Hollister start with flexible scheduling and financial assistance programs. Qualified employees will receive paid time off, vacation days and also a discount on in store purchases. Interested employees in a career can have the benefit of a 401(k) retirement plan as well.

Hollister offers the following positions:

Brand Representative: Being a representative of Hollister means you will be embodying the mood and style of Hollister. Brand representatives work the sales floor and assist each and every customer with finding the right fashion to fit each person’s unique style. Customer service through a positive attitude and setting a professional example are essential to this position. When a customer has questions concerning any style or fitting needs, it is this person’s mission to find or correct any occurrence to ensure perfect customer interaction.

Cashier: Hollister often hires entry-level associates to man cash registers during all shifts and several at a time during peak hours. Cashiers at Hollister will answer any final questions that a customer may have and make check-out quick and pleasant. Cashiers are required to have excellence skills in basic math and funds handling etiquette. This may be the last interaction that a customer has at Hollister for the day and leaving a lasting positive impression is vital for keeping our customers returning for their fashion needs.

Floor Model: The living mannequins that are the showcase of Hollister brand clothing. These associates are the Hollister spirit and target market personified. Friendly and engaging, floor models act as live displays for the in season fashions and trends that make Hollister so popular. During peak hours, floor models may be asked to assist on a register, or help with sales service. Having an approachable and engaging personality is critical to this role in a Hollister retail location.

Impact team member: Hollister has many positions behind the scenes that keep the flow of the store fluid and efficient. Impact members may stock shelves or manage inventory. They are also primarily responsible for keeping product in place and setting up new displays, anything that keeps the store in optimal condition to guarantee customer satisfaction.